At Home with Homer


Download Homer's Miracle League Activity Book

Being at home all the time isn’t as fun as playing Baseball, but Homer has found many new ways to keep himself entertained until we can all be together again!

Exercising is more important than ever. Homer has found ways to exercise around his house with the help of some of our friend’s online. Doing even little things to keep your body and mind active will help you be ready for when we can be on the field together again!

Homer loves to grow some of his favorite fruits, vegetables and flowers in his garden. It takes time and patience, but watching things grow is really cool!

A member of our MLNB family, MaryAnne, wrote in two of her favorite websites for finding good eats and tasty treats!  Thank you MaryAnne!

Homer loves to take all of the food he has grown or bought from the store and make a delicious meal. One of his favorites is stew!  What is one of your favorite meals to eat?

Sitting down with a good book is one of Homer’s favorite activities. Did you know that Homer tries to read for at least 30 minutes every day? 

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